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      The YuHeng  is fair research and development, the production, the sale is a body's optical communication High-tech enterprise. Our company is one of home earliest video frequency fiber optic transmission product main manufacturers, depends upon the Chinese only country photoelectron Industrial base "Chinese Light Valley" is the background, realizes high speed development which every year the output value doubles. Our development devotes to the new product unceasing renewal, the independent research and development's light end machine already monitors central through the national Ministry of Public Security and the police with the electronic products the comprehensive test and many international approval qualifications authentication.
      The YuHeng series video frequency digit light end function simultaneously transmits 128 groups video frequencies, the audio frequency, the data, the telephone, the warning, the ethernet signal random combination through a core optical fiber, presently our company independent research and development, the product needs to innovate unceasingly according to the market, 07 years promote in the anti-radar video frequency digit light end machine and a wave long pass 16 group multi-purpose signal digit light end machine as well as the world the smallest video frequency digit anti-radar light end machine. What uses is the international most advanced digital video frequency fiber optic transmission and the milliardfold optical fiber high speed transmission technology, the multi-channel video frequencies and the data, the ethernet equisignal the twin core optical fiber does not have the distortion, the high grade transmission in Shan Xinhuo on. Has overcome the conventional simulation frequency modulation, the phase modulation, the amplitude modulation light end machine multi-channel signals completely with the biography when beat interference serious, easily environment disturbing effect, transmission quality inferior, long lasting work stability not higher fatal shortcoming.
       The YuHeng series video frequency digit light end machine uses the structurization, the modular design, the user may or has custom-made the disposition according to the scene special details nimble choice, the installment and the maintenance is very simple, does not need to debug, and can, in the ambient temperature - 45℃~+85℃ work humidity 0~95% (do not have condensation) under condition normal work, has dustproof, against performance and so on salt mist, against acid fog, is suitable completely for the working condition harsher open country environment.After the YuHeng company all staff's unremitting efforts, the company product already in the safe urban monitoring, the transportation port, public security, the petrochemical, the coal, the water conservation, the electric power, the airport, the school, the army, the bank, the National government Institution, the jail, the
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